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Saturday, 09 March 2013 10:43

We receive a lot of positive customer feedback here at Cypress Airboats. This is one from a recent rider.

Dear Wayne:

A belated yet heartfelt thank you for taking us on the trip into the Fort Lauderdale portion of the Everglades Saturday afternoon. Marina and I have a wonderful time (even with the sprinkles!) and enjoyed every moment of our Everglades swamp tour. You are an excellent guide, knowledgeable and warm, and we deeply appreciated your explaining things to us so thoroughly. It was an A+ trip, the Everglades swamp tours will not soon be forgotten.

Thanks again and may you have a wonderful and successful year!

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Airboat gliding over waterAside from airboats and aside from exploring the wildlife, other things that you can do in Florida is going to the beach. You can swim all you want, enjoy the white sand, and try water sports and other activities. You also don't want to miss the Everglades, which is the 3rd biggest national park in the US. It's a 10,000 square mile area of subtropical marshes, tree islands, mangrove forest, and prairies where you can find different wildlife animals and amazing species.

The best time to go on an airboat ride is during summer when the sky is very clear and at night when the alligators feed. As mentioned before, there are no age limits so the whole family can go. Included in the fees are hearing protection and life vests. Although you'll be with a guide who'll take care of you, it is still highly recommended that you exercise caution. Keep your eyes open, as you'll never know when an alligator or other wildlife animals might be a few feet away.

The best gift i could ever give my son E-mail

Father and Son Airboat RideI was looking for that perfect birthday gift for my 10 year old son Joshua. Other Florida attractions are nice, but they're often filled with way too many people and the experience is diminished. After checking out a few other companies, i decided to give Cypress Airboats a call. Captain Wayne was a complete surprise to deal with. Friendly, knowledgeable, and very accommodating. I decided to book their silver Cypress Outdoor Adventures package from Fort Lauderdale for the two of us, and it was one of the greatest experiences i have ever had. My son had such a good time that he has now decided he wants to be a Marine Biologist. I just can't thank Captain Wayne and his crew enough, you made my son a very happy boy and me a very proud father. We will never forget our airboat tour in the Everglades.

Everglades Swamp Tours E-mail

Awesome airboat tourIt was a great day on the water today the cooler temps have subsided and it’s warming up in south Florida. Today I had the pleasure of meeting George and Marian Backenstoes from Pennsylvania they loved the airboat ride in Fort Lauderdale and we encountered a lot of winter birds still in town, also we were able to get up close and personal with a group of large alligators. The temps today were in the upper 70s and it was a great trip to say the least.

Mother and Son share an Airboat Ride E-mail

My son Brian and I really enjoyed your Everglades swamp tours in Fort lauderdale. Not many sons would take their senior citizen mother on an airboat ride. I had the most amazing time, two hours was not nearly enough. I could have spent the entire day riding on that airboat. I wish Brian had taken a close up picture of your airboat for me. That was one cool looking machine. I hope Brian can return and go fishing one day. We truly enjoyed the Everglades tour with you and hope to see you again one day.


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