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      Airboat Rides in Miami Florida

Taking a airboat ride through the Everglades is a must do for all Miami vacationers! Riding first class is what you can expect when you book your Everglades Airboat Tour with Cypress Airboats of Miami. Explore North America's last remaining sub tropical wetlands, The Florida Everglades while riding on a Fan Boat, also known as the airboat, which have all been custom designed for Couples, families and Corporate  groups. Our guides are the only certified United States Coast Guard Captains running Private airboat rides in Miami.

Experience the Florida Everglades with a airboat ride it Lets you encounter the Florida Alligator up closeas well as exotic birds, like the Great Blue Heron and the wood stork. Some other species you may encounter include turtles, White tailed deer and a variety of Fish.  This is a one of a kind Miami sightseeing adventure deep into the Heart of the Florida Everglades. Our professional, experienced boat captains are sure to get your heart pumping.  With over 300 species of birds, white tail deer, bald eagles, panthers and even bears calling the Florida Everglades their home, each Miami airboat tour we offer is truly a unique and one of kind Airboat Tour. The  River of Grass airboat rides are in the vicinity of Miami,  Fort Lauderlade, Homestead and the Florida Keys.

     Our Tour Locations

Airboat rides and Airboat tours leaving from Miami Florida, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Homestead Florida, and the Florida Keys all in south Florida. Our airboat rides in Miami are private just for your group no starangers on the boat and we offer three different airboat tour packages to choose from. We operate by appointment only, you can make an appointment by calling or going to our website we cannot take walk ups. We also offer private airboat rides in Miami beach, Homestead and the Florida Keys.

     Corporate Groups

We can also design an Everglades airboat charter for your corporate group or function for your next corporate event, Please call us for corporate airboat tours and large groups, we can design a package that suites your company function.

        Film & photo shoots

Cypress Airboat Tours have been used in many TV & Film productions and Magazine photo shoots. When you need to go on location in the Florida Everglades Cypress Airboats and their crew can get you there. The crew and staff at cypress airboat rides have extensive experience working with Print, Movie and TV film production crews. Weather your next project is a Documentary about the Everglades National Park eco-system, alligators or wildlife, or an action scene for the Movies and Television, a Magazine or Advertising layout, cypress airboats has the experience to get you, your staff and all of your gear to your filming or photo shoot destination in the Florida Everglades. Please call for more information. and rates.


                                                                                               Airboat rides  Packages


Bronze safari - One hour intro Private Airboat ride thru the everglades for two or more people on your private tour. This package is approximately a 4 to 8 mile round trip journey thru the Florida everglades. This tour is limited due to the one hour time frame and you may not be able to see everything.

Includes Up to 2 Passengers $275.00
Additional persons $75.00 each

Silver safari - 1.5 hour tour package our most popular tour for two or more people on your private boat. This package is approximately a 10 mile round trip thru the river of grass and it gives you enough time to reach the backcountry of the true everglades were you may experience much more wildlife, birds, plant life, aquatic life and larger alligators.

Includes 2  Passengers $350.00

Additional persons $75.00 each

Gold safari - Two hour tour package for two or more people on your private airboat tour. This package is for the adventures who really want to spend that extra time viewing wildlife, going to the everglades islands, cruising the waterways for big gators and spending that extra time in nature taking photographs and home movies. This tour covers over 15 miles of beautiful terrain in the Florida everglades.

Includes 2 Passengers $375.00

Additional persons $75.00 each

 Miami Airboat Ride  Information

When booking an airboat ride in Miami here are a few tips when deciding what to look for, there is a big difference in commercial airboat tours versus Private airboat rides. The first thing is normally the size of the air boats, Larger air boats holding 20 to 30 passengers or more are made for carrying large number of passengers and are not as maneuverable as your smaller private airboats. So if your looking for the thrill of the airboat ride as well as an educational echo tour then the smaller airboat tour companies may be your best option. Another factor is that the larger airboats sometimes cannot get into the smaller trails that lead you into the deeper part of the everglades where you may encounter more wildlife and larger alligators.

If you want to get some great photos and/or video of the everglades it is sometimes difficult on larger commercial boats based upon where you are sitting on the air boat. Normally commercial air boat rides are 30 to 45 minutes long, private everglades tours may be from one to three hours based on the air boat tour company. Normally private air boat rides are owner operated and in some cases may be more experienced than employees, thats not to say there are not some experienced commercial air boat ride captains as well as reputable commercial airboat tour companys.

The cost factor for private air boat rides versus commercial rides will differ as well, normally you will pay more for a private air boat tour than a commercial everglades tour, obviously because there are far less passengers and you have the one on one experience. The cost to maintain a custom private air boat depending on the engine and horsepower can be costly for the air boat operator as well. Some high performance airboats new, can cost up to seventy thousand dollars, with high performance engines comes a costly maintenance factor. Half the fun of being on an airboat ride is the airboat itself. Basically you will have to decide on what experience you want to have on your trip to the Everglades based on your budget as well as your expectations.

Where you take your tour is a factor as well, the true boundaries of the everglades echo system and the river of grass run basically from south lake Okeechobee in west palm beach to Florida bay south of Miami into the south end of Everglades National Park. Some Florida tour companies offer airboat rides which are not basically in the Florida Everglades, a perfect example would be Airboat rides in Orlando Florida, this is not part of the Everglades Echo system, were not saying the ride may not be fun were saying it will not be in the everglades echo system. The core of the Everglades is in west Miami that is where you will find Everglades national Park.

Finally when making your decision on booking an airboat charter its always best to ask questions and be informed, some important factors would be is your Captain a United States Coast Guard Certified Captain with C.P.R. training ? what is his experience in airboating ?How old are the boats ? are they comfortable ? do they provide ear protection ? do they offer cold bottled water on board in case a passenger gets gets over heated in the summer ? airboating can be fun but when you are in the back country you need to be prepared. We hope this information will help the consumer who is looking for an airboat tour in Florida make a good decision. This information was based on thirty years of experience in the Florida everglades as a Captain.

Our professional airboat guides at cypress airboat rides will take you on a personalized, educational airboat tour covering approximately 15 miles of this unique wetland. We first go into the vast open saw grass where you will see why the Everglades are called the “River of Grass”! You will travel by Airboat through sawgrass into the Miami Everglades National Park stopping at alligator holes and seeing the abundance of wildlife. See the Purple Gallanule voted the most colorful bird in Florida and the endangered Everglade Snail Kite as well as herons, grackles, turtles, raccoons and other Everglades residents! The Everglades are a truly unique and vibrant environment which you can only experience first hand! Unless you brought your hip waders, a private airboat ride is the best way to see it!.

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